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Powered by Microsoft Visual FoxPro

The idea to have a Fox logo identifying those applications built with Visual FoxPro came from a message posted in The Universal Thread by Plinio Fermin, in may, 23 2002 (message 660531 - you have to be logged in the Universal Thread in order to see the message), where he wrote:

"Hi all"

"One great idea for marketing VFP could be creating a Logo that we could use on our "About" and "splash " forms. Something like a fox with a label "Made With Visual Foxpro"."

The first reply to Plinio's message came from Alonso Licks, and reads:

"I prefer Powered by Visual FoxPro. :)"

There followed many replies to his message and Michel Fournier, came with:

"I'll be happy to afford that contribution cost to obtain a professional layout. I should have that within a few days."

Just two days latter Michel Fournier announced the availability to download and use the "Powered by Microsoft Visual FoxPro" logo sponsored by Fournier Transformation.

The Announcement

Powered by Visual FoxPro May 25, 2002 00:31
"The Universal Thread has released a "Powered by Visual FoxPro" image to be used, for those who wish, in your application splash screen, About screen, etc. In regards to recent threads from the community, we are happy to provide this artwork for VFP developers. Make it known to the public! Add it in your applications."

Powered by Microsoft Visual FoxPro Logos

Click in this sample logo to get to the downloads page

The Universal Thread page that contains the "Powered by Microsoft Visual FoxPro" logos and technical guidelines in how to use them, can be found by clicking in here.

Proper recognition given to Plinio

Powered by: Proper recognition given to Plinio May 30, 2002 19:02
"The Universal Thread would like to recognize Plinio Fermin for his creative "Made by Microsoft Visual FoxPro" idea. Plinio has delivered the original idea of marketing Visual FoxPro by the use of a logo Visual FoxPro developers could use on their About and Splash forms. Read more about it from from our press release news on the Universal Thread. "

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