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People That Made The History

This page is organized into sections to help you, the reader, to better understand and learn how The History of FoxPro is been made. Each section mention those names of people that played an important role in each one of the many steps of the history.

Some people were/are part of more than one step of the history, so there will be a reference to them in each section and a link to the specific one that contains the more complete information about her/him. Below is the list of sections:

Very Important Note

We are doing our best efforts to not leave any people that deserves to be mentioned in this page out of it, but due to our lack of competence, experience in doing this kind of work and time to search for information, this process is being carried on very slowly. Hope you can figure out how difficult and time consuming it is.

If your name should be mentioned here and it is not, please accept our most sincere apologies, for not doing it yet. We ask you, please, to don't get offended by our unvoluntary omission and to help telling us about you. Also, if any information posted here is anaccurate or incomplete, or something that should be mentioned is missing, please let us know and we promptly will make those needed corrections to fix any mistake we've done. If by any reason you don't want your name mentioned in this page, tell us and we'll remove it.

We encourage you, and will thank you, the reader, to help us sending names and/or information about people not mentioned in this page or additions that should be made to those already mentioned. It should be understood that this work is not yet finished.

We Are Missing Information About These People
  • Adam Greene
  • Amy Fulton: Original Fox Team
  • Andrew Forber
  • Basil Hosmer
  • Bob Davies (pres of SBT)
  • Dave McClanahan: Original Fox Team
  • David Fulton: Original Fox Team
  • F. Goley, IV
  • Glenn Hart
  • James Buzzard (VP of IS at SBT for a time)
  • Janet Walker: Original Fox Team
  • John Hawkins
  • Martin L. Rinehart
  • Nelson Tso (dBASE IV)
  • Pat Adams: Original Fox Team
  • Perry Lawrence
  • Ryan Katri
  • R. Russel Freeland: wrote SCRIMMAGE, which was a generic Xbase tool.
  • Robert Green
  • Steve Crivelo
  • Sherri Kennamer: Original Fox Team
  • Walter Kennamer: Original Fox Team
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If you have any information that can help us to compile this history, please, send us a message. Thanks!