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General FoxPro Timeline
Timeline According to Dr David Fulton

The actual chronology of Fox Software's products prior to the acquisition by Microsoft was:

  • FoxBase 1984 MSDOS: This was a dBASE II work-alike

  • Multi-User FoxBase 1985 MSDOS & UNIX: Also a dBASE II work-alike but with primitive multi-user features

  • FoxBASE+ 1986 MSDOS: A dBASE III Plus work-alike that (together with a celebrated lawsuit) helped put Fox Software on the map.

  • FoxBASE+/Mac 1987 Macintosh: This first Macintosh product of Fox Software's captured a majority the Mac database market within a few months of its release. It could be viewed as an initial design study for the first MSDOS version of FoxPro in 1989-90.

  • FoxPro 1989 MSDOS: This product supported a superset of the dBASE IV language but an entirely new interface most similar to that of FoxBASE+/Mac. This interface has persisted both in the character-oriented MSDOS world and, in graphic form, in both the present-day Windows and Macintosh products.

  • FoxPro 2.0 1991 MSDOS: This version of FoxPro should be mentioned separately from the 1989 version because it is the first one that incorporated SQL and the Rushmore Technology. The first versions of FoxPro basically incorporated the FoxBASE+ engine under the hood and it wasn't until FoxPro 2.0 that the full flowering of Fox's reputation for stellar performance occurred.

It might be noted in passing that FoxPro for Windows was essentially complete at the time of Fox's acquisition by Microsoft in June of 1992 and was released a few months later.

If other questions arise, I will try to help. (I am more than moderately familiar with both the history of FoxPro and its inner workings ... at least up until 1994.) foxpro database

Dave Fulton


Summary of Fox Releases
  • FoxBase+ for DOS

  • FoxBase+ for SCO Unix/Xenix

  • FoxPro for DOS 1.0
  • FoxPro for DOS 1.01
  • FoxPro for DOS 1.02
  • FoxPro for DOS 1.21
  • FoxPro for DOS 2.0
  • FoxPro for DOS 2.1
  • FoxPro for DOS 2.5
  • FoxPro for DOS 2.5a
  • FoxPro for DOS 2.5b
  • FoxPro for DOS 2.6
  • FoxPro for DOS 2.6a

  • FoxPro Library Construction Kit for DOS 2.5
  • FoxPro Library Construction Kit for DOS 2.5a
  • FoxPro Library Construction Kit for DOS 2.5b
  • FoxPro Library Construction Kit for DOS 2.6a

  • FoxPro for Macintosh 1.21
  • FoxPro for Macintosh 2.01
  • FoxPro for Macintosh 2.1
  • FoxPro for Macintosh 2.5
  • FoxPro for Macintosh 2.5a
  • FoxPro for Macintosh 2.5b
  • FoxPro for Macintosh 2.5c
  • FoxPro for Macintosh 2.6
  • FoxPro for Macintosh 2.6a
  • FoxPro for Power Macintosh 2.6a

  • FoxPro for Windows 2.0
  • FoxPro for Windows 2.5
  • FoxPro for Windows 2.5a
  • FoxPro for Windows 2.5b
  • FoxPro for Windows 2.5c
  • FoxPro for Windows 2.6
  • FoxPro for Windows 2.6a

  • Visual FoxPro 3.0
  • Visual FoxPro 5.0
  • Visual FoxPro 6.0
  • Visual FoxPro 7.0
  • Visual FoxPro 8.0

  • Visual FoxPro for the Macintosh 3.0
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