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The collection of web pages that make this writing work of "The History of FoxPro" has many references and inclusion of parts or whole texts owned by people that have copyrights on them. All inclusion of copyrighted material contained herein was made with the permission of the authors, when asked if that could be done.

Some other material found in these web pages was copied from other web sites, respecting their copyrights notices, to make reference to the origin of the copied material in accordance with Statements of Ownership, Copyright, and Responsibility. Some other are of unknown origin while some other are considered of public domain. All copyrighted material and/or those copied from other sources have the copyright holders names referenced and/or a reference to the source of that information.

We are making our best efforts to not infinge any laws or to offend any people's rights by our actions, however, if we fail it will be unvoluntarilly or due to our ignorance and we will promptly attempt to correct any mistake made by us, as soon as we are noticed about it.

No warranties are made by us regarding the accuracy of the information provided in any of these web pages, nor are we responsible for direct or incidental damages due to use of this information.

The avalilability to copy or reproduce parts of any copyrighted document, contained in "The History of FoxPro" web pages, is subject to the permission of their copyright holders. Any other material contained in these web pages, with the exception refered before, is considered free to be referenced, reproduced or copied, since it should not be used with commercial purposes. We just ask that a reference to the origin of the copied material is made.

Should be understood, and we enfasize, that our work, searching and gathering information, organizing it, writing and keeping "The History of FoxPro" web pages online, does not have any kind of commercial or profit concern. Its sole intention is to be an expontaneous contribution to the FoxPro community, nothing else.

Fernando Alvares (info@foxprohistory.org)

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